Custom Designs

Castings can be created to custom designs, below are examples of 2 designs.

African Mask.

This was a custom piece to fit in with a customers decor. First a rough design was made for the cast showing what the finished casting should look like. Once the design was agreed a casting of the persons face was taken, and cleaned up in the usual way.

Any additional work is now added to the casting, in this case, the engraved design on the face, the modified eyes, and the new collar round the neck.

A latex rubber mould is then taken of the cast, this means the finished casting can be done as one piece, and alos allows for duplicate castings.

This piece was cast using stone powder, which sets with a harder finish than standard gypsum. It is then painted and spray varnished to protect the surface.

Illuninated Devil.

Castings can also be made into lights. These again require a rubber mould to be taken of the casting, this is because the heat generated by the resin as it cures reacts badly with the alginate, drawing water out and damaging the surface. Also the longer setting time for the resin means the alginate would start to dry out. For face casts in resin a liner has to be formed to make the final cast hollow, allowing the light to be placed inside.